Our world is on the fast track now as a result of innovative technology, time is money, and it’s a race to the finish line. Despite the use of technology, hard copies of various papers and important documents cannot be replaced by soft copies on a computer or mobile screen.

Alas, we are human; “To err is to human.” And sometimes, it is natural to forget to complete your checklist when you are running late for an important meeting to win the survival of the fittest.

The streets of London are not easy to get around, and all sorts of traffic and red lights seem to slow you down when you have to be somewhere at a specific time.

But have you ever noticed that small gap between the lanes, where no cars wander, well, that is the speedy land of the motorbikes. The bikes can zip through the city traffic and can make the impossible, possible!

Motorbike couriers are becoming more in demand for all the right reasons with individuals and small businesses. Let’s talk through some reasons why it’s becoming so popular.


One of the children of technology is cars. The cars that keep the streets of London jammed and packed. All of us involved in courier services were struggling to deliver client packages on time until the idea of using bikes that can squeeze their way through traffic came to light.

In London alone, a motorist spends 74 hours in a traffic jam in 2017; according to Statista, this means a commuter spends more than THREE DAYS in congestion!

The second city was Manchester and following it was Birmingham with 39 and 36 hours respectively.

Bikes are able to squeeze between cars and speed through traffic jams so that your packages get delivered on time. Motorbike couriers make fast deliveries possible.

Same Day Delivery

Thanks to these motorbike couriers, clients can get their packages within 24 hours. Yep, they made same day courier service a reality.

As previously mentioned, London is a victim of massive traffic jams and globally ranks seventh among cities with the most traffic. Just imagine motorbike couriers can help you save your job if you ever forget an important document at home, or if you want something delivered from point A to point B in a hurry. Having the ability to quickly deliver a package can make or break your small business.

Urgent Delivery

Sometimes you need more than just same day delivery. You need something delivered ASAP. For example, Sendthru had a request to deliver a passport for their client from London to Manchester, two of UK’s most heavily congested cities, in as little time as possible. Thanks to their motorbike courier services, they were able to speed through London, pick up the passport, and then quickly make their journey all the way to Manchester in just THREE HOURS. This quick turnaround prevented the client from missing their flight.

There’s no way a van or car courier would have been able to make that happen in such a short time due to the many constraints they would have encountered. It would have at least taken a whole day, and the client would have missed their flight.

Every small business will at some point have the need for an urgent delivery. So, make sure you choose the right type of courier service to get your needs met.


Motorbikes have less maintenance and running costs in comparison to vans and cars that are traditionally used by couriers. Also, motorbikes are more fuel efficient than cars and even more so in comparison to vans. So, they can offer competitive pricing for services to help you keep more money in your pocket.

Special Care and Attention to Your Package

Bikes have very limited physical space to carry packages; therefore, your package will receive one on one attention from a motorbike driver. So, it’s easy to communicate any special attention that your parcel may require. This personal relationship will also give you peace of mind once you hand over your package.

In other words, you do not have to worry whether or not fragile deliveries will reach their destination intact because you have communicated special instructions to your personal courier.

Quicker Collection and Delivery Time

It’s frustrating when we have to adjust our workdays to wait for a courier to arrive so that we can hand over our parcel. Once that is over, the anxiety strikes in, and we keep exchanging calls with the receiver, “Did you get it?” “Did it arrive?” “How about now?”

With motorbikes now running about, a courier is able to collect and deliver the package within an hour. So, it helps to alleviate the stress over your package deliveries and gives you the opportunity to focus on keeping your business moving.

Since the world is on its feet now 24/7, motorbike couriers help us keep up and stay in the race. Not everything can be digital. So, for those times you need to enlist a courier maybe you should consider a motorbike courier for quick and easy results.

Sarah James

Sarah writes anything ranging from medical to business articles and everything in between. She developed a taste for writing when she was told to write an informative article on teeth (yes, teeth), during her college days, which she surprisingly found... 'fun'. Ever since then she has been writing on various topics and hopes to start her own blog one day.