Use 1Password To Protect Your Online Identity

We all have many passwords to remember. Each website has different requirements – you need letters, numbers, etc. It’s so hard to keep up with all your passwords. One of the ways I can help keep my passwords safe and easy to find is with 1Password.

1Password is a program (or phone app) that creates great, strong, unique passwords and stores them for you so you don’t have to remember all of them. It locks them all into a vault that is protected by a master password. That’s the only one you have to remember.

Then it syncs to all of your devices so you always have all of your passwords at your fingertips. In fact, on iOS, you can get into your 1Password app with touch ID.

You can also save your important information in 1Password. You can add documents like your passport, driver’s license, and other important things. If you are booking an airline ticket and need your passport number, it is at your fingertips because it’s in the 1Password app on your phone. You can also store your credit cards into it so you don’t need to pull out your wallet every time you want to shop online.

A strong password is one that is unique, which means you shouldn’t use the same passwords on every site. But who has time to make and remember great passwords? Check out 1Password to simplfy your life.

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