Email MarketingLead Generation is one of the biggest concerns among sales and marketing teams.  In today’s world, there are numerous ways to generate leads.  Online lead generation has become an integral part of the sales cycle process and can help your business grow.

So, how do you sift through online leads to identify the ones that are truly interested?  You need access to information that will give insight into your leads.  Google Analytics is a great tool to see how many visitors you’re getting to your website and the location the visitors are from, but it doesn’t give you access to the information you truly need in order to follow up on with interested prospects.

The good news is that marketing automation platforms can give you better insight into specific visitors and how they are interacting with your site, their interest in your company, etc.  The right marketing automation solution should meet the following objectives:

  1. Help you drive awareness and traffic to your site
  2. Track visitors and their identities when at your site
  3. Record visitor behavior and set up lead scoring and lead nurturing based on those behaviors

In today’s post, I want to specifically focus on email and how the right marketing solution can arm your sales & marketing team with invaluable insights into prospect behavior.

One-to-One (and One-to-a-Few) Prospecting Emails

Where some platforms fail to deliver is remembering the sales team and their specific efforts in prospecting and lead generation. My company’s solution of choice, Lead Liaison, provides a really cool Send & Track feature.  The Send & Track feature enables your sales reps to follow up with truly interested leads and cut out time wasted on “tire kickers.”

Here’s how it works . . . .

Your team members can use the Send & Track plugin for Microsoft Outlook (Google Chrome plugin coming soon) to send emails with trackable links. When sending an email to a prospect, all you have to do is include a hyperlink and click the Send and Track button. Once the recipient(s) click the link, their movement – associated to them specifically – will be tracked in Lead Liaison. You can set up lead scoring and lead nurturing based on their actions, and you can set up emails to alert sales reps when a prospect visits the site. What a great feature to help in the struggle to create alignment between your sales and marketing groups!

Having this data at the fingertips of your sales team is invaluable.  Your sales efforts can be narrowed down to identifying the leads that are truly interested and help you gain more sales with more focused effort.  Being able to actually see the action that your prospects take will give you a little more insight into what they may be interested in about your company and if you can reach out to them while they’re browsing your website, then it gives you a greater chance to win the sale.  Your team will have the opportunity to reach out to your prospects while your product/service is fresh on their mind and address any questions they may have, which will put them one step closer to closing the deal with the prospect.

Don’t waste time on leads that aren’t serious.  Focus on the leads that show a genuine interest in your product/service because those are the ones that will provide the best sales opportunities.  Your sales reps’ time is important so don’t waste away precious time on bogus leads.  Check out Lead Liaison today!

Alanna Jackson is a founding partner at Jackson Marketing Services, a marketing firm located in Dunedin, Florida. In addition to her work at Jackson Marketing Services, Alanna is a founding member and editor of You can follow her on Twitter @alanna_jax. and on Google+.