Some people believe that traditional advertising may be falling to the wayside, but the fact is that certain forms of traditional advertising, such as direct mail, are still relevant and valuable in today’s fluctuating market.

The most compelling reason why direct mail is still viable today is because people still enjoy receiving actual mail and holding a concrete offer or coupon in their hand. Many people who receive an online coupon through their email account will store it in their inbox for days, only to watch it quickly expire. However, a paper coupon or discount offer stays with them at home or in the office and is typically posted on the refrigerator or placed in their wallet.

Many people feel bombarded by the constant stream of offers and emails coming in daily to their inbox. It just so happens that most online emails offers are accidentally deleted, or even worse, automatically sent to junk mail. Targeted direct mail pieces are guaranteed to get to your customer for them to view and then decide if they want to take advantage of the offer or not.

Direct mail offers can also still attract and produce the ideal customer. It all depends on the approach of the advertiser. It is vital to be interesting and persuasive with your direct mail piece. Offer your potential customer some free advice, interesting facts or tips that might interest them. If possible, send a handwritten note or letter in some form or another. This personal and authentic method will surely grab a potential client or customer’s attention!

A direct mail newsletter is another great way to keep your customers informed on the latest happenings without even seeming like an advertisement. The newsletter can contain anything that you’d like. With topics ranging from staff recipes to your company’s involvement in your local community to special discounts and weekly or monthly offers; you can get as creative as you’d like!

The easiest and fastest way to send a direct mail campaign is to go through direct mail list brokers. If the cost of printing is a concern, you can save a lot by going through one of the many direct mail list brokers available. You can even work with them to set up one or more automatic direct mail campaigns. This method also takes the guesswork out of your direct mail campaign.

Above all, the greatest value of direct mail marketing is that it can be measured. It is really easy to determine what is working with a direct mail campaign and what is not. In the long run, you save money using direct mail because you can easily tie your marketing budget to your end results. Digital advertising performance results aren’t as clear, resulting in the advertiser spending even more money. In fact, when using a digital advertising method, it can sometimes feel like you are throwing darts in the air, not ever knowing if they even landed.

It is good to know that direct mail advertising stands alone and above all other traditional forms of advertising, which are struggling to compete with their digital counterparts. And since not as many other businesses are including direct mail in their advertising efforts, it makes those that still do today, stand out even more.

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