As a blogger, I get a lot of requests to write sponsored posts on reviews and even host giveaways for many companies. There are many benefits for the blogger and the company when sponsored content is created. If you have never considered contacting a blogger to write a review for you, here’s some reasons you should consider it. It is a great option to get your name out there!

First you must find bloggers that will best represent your brand. If you sell a food product – find bloggers that shares recipes. If you have a money saving product – find a deal blogger. You want to make sure you are going to reach your target audience.

These bloggers have a great relationship with their readers and their readers trust what they have to say about the products they use. You want to use the power of a Mommy Blogger to help others learn about your product! According to, 63% of moms say they trust bloggers and it influences them to buy products. You want a blogger to feature your products!

It’s great for search engine optimization. When you have a blogger write a sponsored post for you, they are creating back links on their blogs that link to your website. You may also consider having two different links to your website. Most bloggers will allow you to pick which words you would like to use as the anchor text in the post they create.

Usually when a blogger writes a sponsored post on their blog, they are also going to promote your company on their social media outlets. With the explosion of Pinterest, make sure you offer great pictures for the blogger to share with their readers. Twitter and Facebook are also great ways to help promote your product.

After you find blogs that you would like to contact for sponsored posts, there are a few things you should consider. Please don’t expect the blogger to do this for you for free. Many bloggers earn a living to help support their family with their blogging income. They spend a lot of time building relationships with their readers. You would never expect a newspaper or magazine to print an ad for you for free.

Next, you need to figure out how much you are willing to pay for your post. The starting price should be at least $50 per post (but can be as high as $200 per post), depending on the size of their audience, PR rank, Alexa score, and social media reach. You can ask the blogger for a Media Kit. This should have their current stats. Sometimes you will pay extra for mentions on their social media outlets. All these things should be worked out with the blogger before the content is written. Payment is usually expected within 24 hours of the blog post being published via Paypal.

If you find a good blogger that you really like, ask them if they know of any other bloggers that may be interested in writing a sponsored post for your company. Many bloggers work with a team of bloggers and have many high quality contacts in the blogging world.

Lastly, make sure the blogger follows the FTC rules. All sponsored content should be disclosed. Allow the blogger to add a disclosure to their sponsored posts. Their readers know that they will not post something they don’t think is a good product that their readers will love!

If you are looking for a great way to get your name out there – consider contacting a blogger for a sponsored post!


Janell Poulette spends her day blogging at or managing several social media accounts. In addition to maintaining her own site, she guest blogs for Jackson Marketing Services and provides other marketing-related assistance.